Get Involved

There are a number of other ways you can get actively involved in the campaign. Read on for details of campaign materials available to order or download or visit the support page for other ways to support the campaign.


Since the campaign’s launch in summer 2009 more than 8,000 Bring Back British Rail stickers have been circulated around the country’s transport network, by an army of volunteers.

We now have a further 17,000 stickers printed and ready to be posted out to people wanting to help us spread the word. If you would like to get involved, please email your postal address with an indication of the number of stickers you plan to distribute and we will get them in the post. Please stick responsibly!

DIY Stickers

You can also support the campaign by printing and distributing your own stickers. This will help reduce campaign running costs and mean that more stickers are in circulation. Below you can download a template for stickers. For best results and to prevent ink running, please use a laser printer.

Large Sticker Template >
16 per A4 page, 0.5MB
Compatible with Avery labels: J8162, J8362, J8562, L7162, L7562

Small Sticker Template >
44 per A4 page, 1.2MB
Compatible with CLIP labels: C1565, Monkey labels: ML1565

DIY Flyers

Over the coming months, we are encouraging campaign supporters to take to the streets to spread the word. Below you can download a template for flyers which states the basic campaign aims and encourages people to get involved and sign the online petition. These can be photocopied in black/white, or printed in colour.

A6 Flyer Template >
4 per A4 page, 0.9MB

A5 Flyer Template >
2 per A4 page, 0.8MB