Bring Back British Rail merchandise is an important part of the campaign. It remains our only major income source, with all proceeds from sales helping to fund campaign materials and activities.

By wearing or using Bring Back British Rail merchandise, you are also doing important work to spread the word about the campaign, as well as making your own views proudly known!

All orders via our website are securely administered by PayPal. Select items to buy by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons. Orders are normally processed at the weekends so please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

New Enamel Badge

£5 (inc P&P within UK)

Just in time for Christmas 2012… it’s our all new enamel badge! Based on our popular original badge launched in January 2010 (now sold out), we now have this new larger version available for all you avid Bring Back British Rail supporters to wear with pride! The badge features the special ‘reverse arrows’ logo designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio.

- metal with broach pin clasp
- 35 x 10.5 mm
- wear with pride!

Bumper Sticker

£2 (inc P&P within UK)

Hot off the press! Our new Bring Back British Rail bumper stickers featuring the special ‘reverse arrows’ logo designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio. Screenprinted onto weatherproof vinyl, these stickers will last 3-5 years outdoors (when applied to a clean, dry, smooth surface). Perfect for the front of your car or, better still, your local train ;) Go on, get sticking these in all sorts of places and post your best pictures to our Facebook page.

- weatherproof vinyl sticker
- 2 colour screen print in UV-cured inks
- 214 x 70 mm

Rail Card Wallet

£3 (inc P&P within UK)

What better way to make your point whilst travelling on the trains, than with this fantastic rail card wallet? Specially designed with the frequent traveller in mind with 3 internal pockets to accommodate a photocard, rail card and ticket. This new stylish black version features the special ‘reverse arrows’ logo designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio and the campaign website address, so you can easily help us spread the word.

- black PVC with 3 clear PVC pockets
- 100 x 204 mm total (folding to 100 x 68 mm)
- the ticket staff love it!

Classic T-Shirt Black

£12 (inc P&P within UK)

On your recommendation, we now have the Classic Bring Back British Rail t-shirt available in black. Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio and featuring their special ‘reverse arrows’ logo on the ‘back’. Get it?! Available in small, medium, large and x-large and now also in 2X-Large!

- 100% black cotton t-shirt
- 2 colour screen print on front and back
Download Size Chart >


Large Enamel Badge

£5 (inc P&P within UK)

Following the popularity of our original enamel badge launched in January 2010 (now sold out), we now have this brand new large enamel badge available – designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio and featuring their special ‘reverse arrows’ logo.

- metal with broach pin clasp
- 25 x 25 mm
- wear with pride!


Classic T-Shirt

£12 (inc P&P within UK)

Back by popular demand, this is the 4th run of our classic Bring Back British Rail t-shirt, designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio and featuring their special ‘reverse arrows’ logo on the ‘back’ of the t-shirt. Get it?! Available in small, medium, large and x-large and ready to be worn every day!

- 100% white cotton t-shirt
- 2 colour screen print on front and back
Download Size Chart >


Special Edition T-Shirt

£16 (inc P&P within UK)

Our first small run of special edition Bring Back British Rail t-shirts. This design is based on a small sketch by the campaign’s founder Ellie Harrison from when she first dreamt up the idea for the campaign in January 2009. More special editions to follow in 2012… If you’d like to design something, please get in touch.

- 100% white cotton t-shirt
- 2 colour screen print on front
Download Size Chart >


If you would like to be kept up-to-date when new Bring Back British Rail items become available, please sign up for our mailing list and join our Facebook page.

68 Responses to Merchandise

  1. Ian Locke

    make things simple…..not all of want facebook

    • bringbackbritishrail

      Hi Ian, are you a member of RMT? if so, look out for a merchandise promotion in the December Newslater for mail order. If not, please join our email list to be kept up-to-date with news.

      • mike sargent

        Hi Elie – I am an RMT fat ba****d and unfortunately the XL T shirt is still too small! (Are they made in china?) can you get some fatter ones please?

        • bringbackbritishrail

          Hi Mike! OK, I’ll defintately order some super-sizes next time, but you might have to wait til the new year for the next order… Will keep you posted…

      • Ian Grainger

        Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Yes , I am proud to sat that I am a member of the RMT and was a member of the NUR before.

    • Michael

      another for xx large t shirts please

  2. Beverley Woodburn

    I would so like to purchase 3 bring back british rail T shirts in S M and L. could you let me know the price. Also any stickers?

    • bringbackbritishrail

      Hi Beverley, the new price for t-shirts will be £10 each. They’ll be available for sale very soon. Make sure you join our mailing list to get updates…

  3. Steve Harvey

    Hi, are you producing any enamel badges

  4. Ian Locke

    Dont forget ASLEF !

    • Hi Ian, We won’t forget ASLEF! all BBBR merchandise will also be available via the website very soon. I’ve added your email address to the list, so you’ll receive an update as soon as it’s available to purchase. Hopfully in the w/c 21 November… so stay tuned.

  5. Sarah

    love the ticket wallet very dennis the menace fan club but what about the simple mug as a nice gift for a work colleague and fellow commuter – think about it nestling in the office kitchen making a statement 365 days a year.

  6. Andrew Miller

    Sorry to have to ask but is there any chance of smaller badges with, say, just the reverse arrows ?

    • bringbackbritishrail

      Hi Andrew, yes anything’s possible. Will certainly bear in mind a different design whe we’re ready to place the next order, but this won’t be ’til late 2012. The bigger badges are very nice though, I recommmend!

  7. Started the process of placing an order only to discover the only method of payment is PayPal.

    Since about 2003 I made a decision to not use PayPal even when it’s the only form of payment. The events in the last year around PayPal’s unilateral action against law abiding individuals and companies reinforces my position.

    Is there an alternative form of payment? Check? Perhaps adding an easy payment system such as Google’s shopping carts ( which should be a easy to use as PalPay.


    • bringbackbritishrail

      Hi Mark, Thanks for your comment. I do agree PayPal are evil! We will be looking to move the payment system to something a little more ethical in 2012. Will keep you posted. Best wishes, Ellie

    • David Kemp

      Do you really think the tax-dodging Google is any better?

      • bringbackbritishrail

        good point! We’re trying to switch everything over the WePay. Let me know if they’ll equally nasty ;)

  8. Jason Richards

    Like the wallet, will get one of them but I do think the mug is a good idea.

  9. Keith

    Yes, mugs please.

  10. Sophie Teece

    Another vote for mugs!!! ooh, what about wristbands? badges? stickers? stationery?? (ooh, you got me started now….) bags?? (i better stop….)

  11. rob

    Also dont forget ATCU

  12. George Preston

    Hey, great cause! Could you get some more ticket wallets? My railcard ain’t suiting the FTPE one, also I’d like to make a point at the ticket office when purchasing, making sure they understand that their fares are over priced! BBBR!

    • Hi George,
      Yes we are in the process of getting a new batch made, this time in stylish black. So, please sign up for our mailing list and join our Facebook page for an update on when they’re ready. Hopefully some point in July! BBBR!

      • George Preston

        Thank you, I am all ready signed up for the mail. Does this include the merchandise? Sounds fab in black, I look forward to being able to order my self one of those beauts. BBBR!

  13. Alan

    Is there a reason the British rail logo is backwards on your comments and one fo the T shirts ? Except for the Sealink boats the top arrow points right as per the special edition T shirt

    • bringbackbritishrail

      see FAQ on contact page! the main items of merchandise feature our campaign’s logo which is desiged to be pointing backwards, get it!?
      Sorry we have a lot of smart alec thinking they’ve caught us out with a stupid mistake! and it gets rather annoying.

  14. George Preston

    Ordered, HOOOORAAAH!

  15. Hi,

    Any chance of black t-shirts? I have a tendency of spilling stuff on white ones.

    Definitely going to order some wallets come pay day.

  16. Dave

    Keep Calm and Bring Back British Rail!

  17. Alex

    Hi just ordered the Rail Card wallet, was not given a choice to specify where I wanted it to be posted. Which is NOT the same as my billing address, help please?v

  18. i have a t shirt printer who will print to order, so no need to hold stock. will print lots more sizes too. email if i can be of assistance…i too need a bigger size.


    Bring it back!

  19. Paddy Baker

    gutted there is not at this moment in time…
    (just a thought) on the special edition t-shirts, could you not put the web adress on the back, so rather than just having the logo on the front, it spreads the word from your back, optimizing the space.

    I WANT ONE!!!! cheers, Paddy

  20. Joginder Singh

    definately do mugs and keyrings both would make contant statement paricularly if mug is at work and keyfobs/rings many people like me keep keys on chain hooked on trouses/belt and hve had mugs delievered safely and intact [latest mug a Dr Who tardis mug] by that organisation now facing similiar fate to British Rail the Royal Mail

  21. martin

    When will the enamel badges be back on sale?

    • bringbackbritishrail

      Hi Martin, hopefully early-mid November. Definitely before Christmas. Keep an eye on the website or follow on Facebook. Many thanks!

  22. Carolynd

    How come I’ve never heard of you until recently???? (Discovered your existence via Lush, of all places.) Do you sell the tiny BBBR stickers? If so, I’ll buy a few sheets; if not I’ll take a stab at making my own. Looking forward to sticking them up everywhere.

    • bringbackbritishrail

      Hi Carolyn, Glad you’ve found out about the campaign! A recent poll showed that 90% of Brits would like the railways renationalised, so we exist to help unite these voices and to continue to popularise this idea. We are grateful to any one who is happy to help spread the word. You can download / print your own stickers from this page:
      Or email your postal address and we can send you some once our next batch is back from the printers.

  23. Stevie

    I’d like to support-but only if you can assure me that the odious Bob Crow has nothing to do with this?

    • bringbackbritishrail

      the campaign is largely just run by me (Ellie Harrison) in ALL my spare time and by a group of voluntary supporters around the country.

    • Bernard Harrison

      Look, you shouldn’t be prejudiced simply because Bob Crow speaks for all the railwaymen who would love the railways to come back into proper public control. Get on and support him even if you don’t like his manner!!

  24. andrew oliphant

    hi,im looking for an enamel mug with a train design working from the northwest region on it for my uncle.he used to drive the steam trains from Blackpool in the 60,s.cant seem to find one anywhere,your my last hope

  25. Richard Alcock

    My address is 6 Wellfield Rd, Streatham,London SW16 2BP. I could do with some more of those little stickers you do. Also i am going to order an enamel badge off you but will have to wait til i get paid on 4th Jan.I will add a bit more money for the postage to cover sending me some more stickers…if that helps. I can wait until i send my order off to you, is that ok?

  26. Richard Alcock

    Need some more little stickers but will place an order for an enamel badge in a weeks time. Can add a bit extra for the postage. Also i can and try and get you a donation from Waterloo RMT branch, please e-mail me your relevant details to send any donation, if successful. Or is cheque ok?

  27. Andy Nix


    Could you do a t shirt with the Bring Back British Rail text AND the BR logo on the front. And nothing on the back?



    • bringbackbritishrail

      maybe one day. but got lots of the current design to shift first :)
      support the campaign and wear one with pride!!

  28. Kieran

    I can’t get the “add to cart” link to work when trying to buy a ticket wallet. Can you help?

  29. Alexander Gomme


    Is it possible for non-British residents to buy the merchandise? What would be the postage to send one / a few enamel badges it to Belgium?

    Thank you,
    Alexander Gomme
    Employee of the Belgian railways

  30. nick kay

    I’m sorry to mention this to you but your BR logo is the wrong way round. The logo shows two lines and two arrows pointing in the opposite direction of each other on the right. The railway is just like the road, they drive on the left hand side. Your logo shows that BR drives on the right hand side which is wrong. Sorry to be PC.
    PS:- You should do fridge magnets.

    • bringbackbritishrail

      Hi Nick, our logo is deliberately pointing backwards! it’s a pun. get it?! nice idea with the fridge magnets though, we’ll bear that in mind.

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