Join the Action Against Fare Rises this New Year!

Merry Christmas! Our rail fares are set to increase above inflation again this January for the tenth year in a row! We already have to pay more to travel by train than any other country in Europe thanks to the failings of privatisation.


Bring Back British Rail is joining forces with our partners Together for Transport, Climate Rush, SHIFT Campaign, Act! and TSSA to launch another #FAREFAIL protest this New Year.

When you go back to work at the start of January and get a nasty shock at the cost of your commute, make sure you tell the coalition government how angry you are!

  • Tweet @transportgovuk using #farefail #railfail

  • Or send a message to your MP via the #FAREFAIL website

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  1. john taylor

    i say bring br back cos all the private orgs are robbing everyone,from us who try to work on improving the railway to the passengers,away with all the privatisation,the agencies,bring it ALL back inhouse like it should of been from railtrack to network rail

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