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There was a huge amount of press coverage for the campaign following the demonstration against rail fare rises at London’s Waterloo Station on 14 August 2012. This included images in The Guardian and Metro (see below) and interviews with Ellie Harrison on Sky News, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Metro (p.9) Wednesday 15 August 2012

The Guardian
The Guardian (p.4) Wednesday 15 August 2012


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  1. 23/October/2012

    London Midland have cancelled scores of services this week citing a ‘lack of drivers’ as the cause. This is absurd. Privatisation was the death blow to this country’s railways. British Rail was not unfit for purpose, nor was it less functional than the privatised system, it was simply a political manouvre to benefit the rich. BRING BACK BRITISH RAILWAYS NOW!

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