Demo Against Train Fare Rises

On Tuesday 14 August 2012, inflation figures will be announced which determine just how much our already overpriced train fares will increase by in the New Year.

Bring Back British Rail is working with Campaign for Better Transport, Action for Rail and Climate Rush to organise a massive demonstration at London’s Waterloo Station calling for Fair Fares Now!

Tuesday 14 August 2012
8:30 – 9:30 AM
Outside Waterloo Station
(corner of York Road and Sutton Walk

We need your support! If you’re in / near London, please come down and join us and help by spreading the word, inviting your friends, bringing your own banners and making a noise!

If you would like to get more actively involved in the organisation of the demo please email with ‘ACTIVIST’ in the subject heading and we’ll let you into our plans in the run up to the day.

If you’re elsewhere in the UK, you can join Action for Rail’s demonstrations outside stations all over the county.


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3 Responses to Demo Against Train Fare Rises

  1. David in Minehead

    Like most of Britain’s privatised industries, most of the assets of the railway industry are no longer owned by the people, but are now owned by banks – in particular the one involved in the drugs-money laundering scandal! And the same thing is happening world-wide. THE BANKS ARE TAKING OVER PRETTY MUCH ALL THE WORLD’S INFRASTRUCTURE! Even in so-called ‘communist’ China. These are not British government initiatives – they are Global, because somebody is pulling the strings of the world’s government’s – and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Rothschilds are involved. Unless we wake up, we’ll find that the whole planet is run by one global corporation, with all the remnants of democracy eliminated. People laughed at David Icke, when he said this 15 years ago, but it’s all coming true.

  2. Yet another “present” from ConDem Government – an increase of 6.2% in rail price from Jan 2013 onwards. But can the austerity stricken Britain and it’s common public bear this increase?
    Let us see a bit closer – Per Just Economics, Britain has a railway network in Europe, which is…..

  3. Scottin Beds

    David, whilst I am as staunchly against the fare rises as anyone, I am not sure why we need to bring bank bashing into the discussion. the majority of public infrastructure assets that are sold are sold too infrastructure funds, and the equity in these funds comes predominantly from pension funds. so in actual fact the infrastructure is indirectly owned by the public via their pensions. It is far to risky and capital intensive for banks to hold such assets on their balance sheets. I dont think that the Rothschilds have any involvement at all.

    On a serious note however, why is is considered reasonable for a private company with a monopoly to fleece its customers in roder to fund investment in improving its infrastructure? In any other industry, if a company wishes to upgrade or expand its business, it re-invests profits, or gets a loan from a bank. why should rail operators be any different?

    On a more serious

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