New Year Action


You may have heard the news that our train fares are about to increase by an average of ‎5.9% in January.

If you’re sick of being ripped-off by private train companies and by a government which wants to rid themselves of all responsibility for running our public transport system, then get ready to take action!

Bring Back British Rail is teaming up with Campaign for Better Transport, Climate Rush and Together for Transport to organise a national day of action on Tuesday 3 January to protest against these extortionate fare increases.

#FAREFAIL protests will be taking place online via text and Twitter as well as at major stations in London and elsewhere around the country from the morning of Tuesday 3 January 2012.

We’re keen to recruit people to come along and to help us spread the word. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’d like to get involved, please email us with the subject ‘ACTIVIST’, sign up and order materials directly via the #FAREFAIL website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the updates:

Twitter: @bringbackBR

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  1. James

    Dear Sirs

    Basically the fares are going up for one reason. Greed. Why? To suit the shareholders. There is a climate in our Government (of any stripe) to indebt the public through all manner of wastage (overseas aid, the EU, the Olympics, higher VAT, bailing out the banks, etc) This we all know. But when it comes to public transport, the green measures the Government boasts off is belied when rail companies can, for no reason, decide they will increase their fares every New Year. Why? Has the running of the service suddenly become more expensive between Dec 2011 and January 2012? They tell us it is for further investment. What investment do they speak of? At my local station, there is no staff after 11 am. The platforms are ill-maintained, railings everywhere, grafitti, and litter. There is no assistance, no plants, no-one who can advise what is happening at any given time. The only investment I can see is in painting the stations in their company colours. I support you fully against this greed and want the link broken beitween private coprorations and ministerial back-scratching.
    Good luck to you.

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