New Merchandise!

Large Enamel Badge

We’re very pleased to announce that our new t-shirts, enamel badges and rail card wallets are now available to buy in the merchandise section of this website:

The perfect Christmas presents for pissed-off passengers! These are a fantastic way of spreading the word about the campaign and making your own views known. All proceeds from the sale of merchandise will help to fund campaign materials and activities in 2012.


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  1. David Mcintosh

    We the people are fed up… sick and tired… and angry at the blatant disregard for what is a vital peaces of, not only economy driving infrastructure but also what made Briton a leader in engineering world… I’m taking about British railways. Disunited, expensive and overcrowded, are once proud railways have been the butt of many jokes, for many years but now as prices reach an all time high we must sit up and say “No more”. As tax payers we pay more then another country to run the network millions depend upon every day… I say twice, because as Sir Roy McNulty’s report shows, government subsidy (tax payers money) has increased in real terms as prices have increased and the dividends of the train operators has increased… at the same time the British network is 30% less efficient than publicly controlled European peers and three times more expensive. So I, and hundreds more are calling for the return of a State own network, ‘British Rail’. BR failed because the governments of the day ran it into the ground, in favour of the car, but as rail passenger numbers increase, and calls for the reopening of closed lines grows action must be taken. The cost would be huge, but it will cost the economy far more in the long term if we allow greedy privet companies to own the network that we use everyday.

  2. Bill Porter

    Yesterday 17 September 2012 in the house of commons Norman Baker transport minister announced the long awaited DFT decision to CLOSE and Dessimate hundreds of booking offices within the west midlands in one fowl swoop he has potentionally thrown thousands of families into chaos no longer certain of an already difficult future , All in the name of progress , what is so galling is the train hating Tories believe on behalf of the travelling public that it is what they actually want , poor to non existent customer service , no help to get the best deals available from a ever confusing array of tickets , unsafe travel just came a step closer. Bring back British rail is the ONLY solution to this savage destruction of our railways , Bill Porter stationmaster 32 years 4months .

    • bringbackbritishrail

      Thanks for your comment Bill, this is devastating news! We’ll continue fighting the fight for what’s fair. Bring Back British Rail!


    Railway Season Ticket Prices
    (Source: Daily Mail – 6 February, 2012)

    UK – Woking (Surrey) to London, 22 miles, £3,268
    FRANCE – Ballancourt-sur-Essone to Paris, 24 miles, £924
    GERMANY – Strausberg to Berlin, 21 miles, £705
    SPAIN – Collado-Villalba to Madrid, 22 miles, £653

    Public Subsidy to Rail Networks as % GDP
    Germany 0.497
    France 0.330
    UK 0.326
    Spain 0.205

    The level of public subsidy in France & the UK are virtually the same yet the season ticket price in France is less than a third of for a similar distance in England
    NB. Of the above, the UK alone operates a completely privatised rail network.
    Since privatisation the level of subsidy provided to UK train operators has TRIPLED.

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