Let’s Make a Stand!

The demonstration against train fare rises we held at Waterloo Station on Tuesday 16 August 2011 in collaboration with Campaign for Better Transport, Climate Rush, RMT, Together for Transport and TSSA. Photo: Robin Prime


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  1. David in Minehead

    British Rail was privatised, along with all the other major industries around the globe for the same reason – to concentrate the ownership of the world’s infrastructure into fewer and fewer hands; the hands of the bankers. The banks – not the people – now own virtually all our trains and the same is true of the bits that go to make up all our other major industries that once belonged to the people. We are now in the frightening situation where the banks own virtually the whole planet and the politicians (who are just legalised gangsters) are the fixers for the banks. And of course all the major banks are owned by the Rothschilds or their nominees.

  2. colin flowerday

    NATIONAL EXPRESS EAST ANGLIA is the most useless train company in the uk but from febuary they will be gone replaced by another useless train company. In east anglia we once has a great train service under BRITISH RAIL as the trains were clean and reliable they ran on top now they dont always late or cancelled. br has the blue and white train livery you knew you could trust and rely on BR while you cant with this bunch of idiots. nationalisation is the only choice we have as when british railways came into being in 1948. BRITISH RAIL still exists so lets have this wonderful company back and get rid of these private rubbish train companies.

  3. Mike Friend

    What the government seems to forget is that British Rail did not just run trains but also designed engineered them and built them all with british labour.We set the standards throughout the world,and in many areas of the country we are still travelling in these very trains and will be for many years to come .we now import everything and this was not done in the interests of the British people,but under the tory mantra that everything not private is useless ,now we have a few wealthy people getting meg a rich at everyones expense.In other words the privatisation was to benefit the very people who controlled the government that was in power ,we are now sadly seeing the results.Some say British Rail failed the nation but what really failed the nation was the government ,if there were problems then they should have been fixed,after all the government interferred enough in the railway,but took the easy way out.All the vast profits going into the transport companies and shareholders should be re-invested back into the system.We could go the way of the French just have two state owned companies one for infrastructure and one to run the trains.Sadly this will never happen as this country is controlled not by government ,not by the people but by the banks and big business.All power to your elbow, the transport system should be renamed transport for the public and not public transport and should be run not for profit but a self sustaining affordable means of travel.And remember when it comes to an election that the tory party privatised and the labour party went along with it when they were in power,so they both believe in the same and that certainly is not a good affordable transport system to serve what is after all a small island.

  4. Mike Friend

    As a footnote to the previous message perhaps when franchises end, they could be taken back by a state run company British Rail,If our government is serious about the shift from road to rail then now is the opportunity.British Rail could be run as a stand alone company with the company allowed to do what it sees as best and not suffer constant interference from the dept of transport or transport secretaries that are plucked out of the sky and not chosen because of their knowledge of railways or indeed transport.

  5. Steven Evans

    I have been using train since I was 18 I am 39 now.
    Use the Sidcup to London Charing Cross line currently operated by South Eastern Trains.
    Was originally run by Network South East and that was a brilliant service back then in early 90s then rubbish Connex took over now South Eastern Trains.
    Fares keep rising less trains and ones that do turn up have shorter coaches and not keeping up with more passenger demand.
    Trains are overcrowded smelly and dirty.
    Nice way to start my journeys to work and back.
    Since privatation took over rail services are rubbish!
    Bring back proper train services!
    Bring back British Rail!

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