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Dear Rail Franchise Policy Team,

I am writing on behalf of the Bring Back British Rail campaign in response to your open consultation on ‘Reforming Rail Franchising’, due to close on 18 October 2010.

The Bring Back British Rail campaign is a growing movement of disgruntled rail passengers and disheartened TOC employees who are demanding that the government make major improvements to the county’s dysfunctional rail franchise system. The campaign, launched in 2009, currently numbers close to 8,000 supporters across our Facebook community, website and mailing list.

Since its introduction over 17 years ago, the franchise system has caused the fracturing and disintegration of our once world-class rail network. This has led to:

  • the lowering of employee conditions and morale
  • a poor, inefficient, expensive and confusing service for passengers
Both money and expertise are wasted every time franchises change hands or go under.
We believe the that train travel offers the only real, green transport solution for the future.
Therefore, we are advocating a return to a unified and fully integrated railway network for Britain, which is subsidised by the government, operated under one roof and run for passengers not profit.
Only then will employees again be able to take pride in their work and passengers be guaranteed consistent low priced fares and fast, frequent and efficient services. These should be the fundamentals of any fair public transport system.
We urge you to take the demands of the Bring Back British Rail campaign into serious consideration when planning the future of our rail franchising system and to make the radical reforms necessary to restore faith in our national rail network.
Yours sincerely,
Ellie Harrison
Bring Back British Rail

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