Petition extended 'til 27 July 2010!

The Bring Back British Rail campaign’s official online petition hosted on the Number 10 website will be unavailable to sign until it is officially reopened by the new government’s administration once they have decided ‘how best to proceed with the e-petitions service’. We hope this will be soon!

Because of this disruption, our petition’s deadline has been extended until 27 July 2010. As soon as the petition is reopened, the campaign will focus all its attention on collecting as many signatures as possible in the short period before it closes finally on 27 July 2010.

We need your help to do this! Please join our thriving Facebook page or our mailing list to stay up-to-date with what is happening.

Following the 27 July 2010 deadline, our petition will be submitted to the new government for their official response. Any petition with over 100,000 signatures will be debated in parliament, so that should be our target!

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  1. Ted

    Hi folks. first of all well done to you all,
    I’ve been waiting for this since leaving BR
    civil engineering when it got given on a plate to the business men,
    I left in disgust, it was sickening the way every simple job
    ended up ten time more complicated in red tape and cost
    ten times more, do you remember Malcolm Rifkin’s speech ???
    ” the tax payer can’t go on (pumping so many (million)
    a year into BR it has to be privatised”
    now…. since (privatisation) how many Billion not million
    has the tax payer (invested) not pumped in ?
    besides the tax payer paying whopping fares now ?
    great deal for the tax payer hey ? it’s on par
    with PDF hospitals ? good luck . regards Ted

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